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Jimmy Key: Underrated

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I'm featuring 1988 Topps Cards featuring members of my beloved Blue Jays that are featured on this blog.

Jimmy Key was highly underrated.  I think we appreciated  him here in Toronto but he never seemed to get his dues outside of the GTA.

He finished his career with a .614 W-L% and two World Series rings.  He always seemed to come up big in important games as he did in the 1992 World Series, winning two games for the Jays.  Back in 1987, he actually finished 2nd in Cy Young award voting, finishing behind some guy named Roger.

This is actually the 2nd Jimmy Key card in the set.  We covered his all-star card earlier.  My favourite personal memory of Jimmy Key can be found in this entry about the last opening day in Exhibition Stadium history.

Jimmy Key
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