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Humble Howard Returns To Morning Radio on EZ Rock 97.3


It personally delights me to tell you Humble Howard Glassman has returned to morning radio in Toronto, hosting a show on EZ Rock 97.3.  Humble will be joined by Colleen Rusholme and Kim Stockwood and his first day back on the air will be August 11.

Before I became a friend of Humble Howard, I was a fan.  The Humble and Fred show was my morning show throughout the 90s.  I awoke to his voice on CFNY 102.1 through most of my high school years and all of my university years.  I didn't follow him over to Mix 99.9, but I did write an entry about that which would lead to a great friendship.

Humble Howard, Are You Okay?, written a little over two years ago, currently has 397 comments wondering where Humble had gone and letting him know that he's missed.  Humble wrote me in response to that entry and asked me to call him.  We hit if off and next thing I knew I was flying his plane, hanging out with his family and having them over to dinner.

As it turns out, Humble is better than okay.  We're all lucky to have him back on the air.  Congrats, Howard.  This heterosexual male is adding EZ Rock as a station preset in his car and that, in itself, is a miracle.

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