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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 200: Humble and Fred

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 200In this 200th episode, Mike chats with broadcasters Humble Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson about their podcast, the state of radio today and how long they'll run. This episode is exactly 1:50:37.

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The "Before" Photos of Humble and Fred's New Studio

Five years ago today, I was in the room while Humble and Fred recorded their first podcast. Well, it wasn't really their first podcast, simply their first with an actual commitment to record daily.

They're moving their studio to The Queensway, just east of Islington. I biked over today to take some "before" photos and I'll return next Friday to see the "after".

Here's where the microphones and soundboard will go. Fred is either contemplating life, realizing regret or thinking about lunch.


Here's the unfinished table with the new board. Rumour has it this is the same board that put a man on the moon in '69.


Here's where visitors will sit. It's quite the beautiful view of The Queensway.


Here's the view of the new studio from The Queensway. I'm told the "Queens Flowers" sign will be replaced at some point.


Humble Howard will be living in the residence above the studio. Here's his patio where he will partake in the medicinal goodness of all things green.


There is some controversy about Humble and Fred asking listeners to pay for their new basement washroom. Here's what your $10,000 got you.



I'll share pictures from the finished studio next Friday. Well done, boys.

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Toronto Mike on Humble and Fred Talking Retro Blue Jays Songs

I appeared on Humble and Fred's show this morning, talking Blue Jays fever and spinning a few retro Jays songs. It was great fun chatting with the guys about the three songs they put together in the early 90s.

Here's my segment. You can hear the entire episode of Humble and Fred here or on SiriusXM channel 168.

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Humble and Fred on the Dini Petty Show in 1994

There's some great behind-the-scenes footage of Humble and Fred recording their CFNY morning show in 1994 in this clip. Also, bonus Dan Duran, Jason Barr and Marla West.

[via Dave Thielking, h/t to @retrontario]

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Newstalk 1010 Cancels Humble & Fred Radio

Back in January 2013, Humble and Fred signed on to have their daily podcast aired on Newstalk 1010. The Humble and Fred show started airing weekdays at midnight where it stayed through last week.

Here's how the early morning lineup looked last week on Newstalk 1010.


Newstalk 1010 has cancelled the Humble and Fred show, effective immediately. Here's how the early morning lineup now looks.


The midnight to 2am slot, previously occupied by a censored version of the Humble and Fred podcast, is now The Best of Jerry Agar and The Best of Jim Richards.

You can still hear the Humble and Fred show online as a podcast. IMHO, it's the only way to go.

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CFNY FM 102's Humble Howard & Fred Patterson

Here's a 1993 1989 or 1990 ad for Humble and Fred's morning show on CFNY FM 102. In terms of branding, we're not quite Edge yet.

Thanks again to Retrontario for the upload.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 100: Humble & Fred

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 100In this 100th episode, Mike chats with Humble and Fred about their 25 years together as they share more Toronto radio stories than you can shake a stick at. In fact, if you work in Toronto radio, we likely talked about you. This episode is exactly 1:30:51.

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Star Trek Finale at SkyDome

Back in 1994, 40,000 people watched the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation at SkyDome. Yes, this actually happened.

Here's a clip shared by Retrontario featuring Monika Deol and some guy named Howard from CFNY.

Were you one of the 40,000 Star Trek fans at SkyDome that night?

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Old Dogs Taught New Tricks: Humble and Fred's 25th Anniversary

Last night, at the Horseshoe Tavern, I attended a party for Humble and Fred's 25th anniversary.


John Tory showed up, I finally cornered George Stroumboulopoulos about coming on my podcast and Ash from USS (hear him on episode 95 of my podcast) performed a sweet acoustic version of Yin Yang. It was a great night.


Humble and Fred started out on CFNY in the 80s, and today they're their own boss, doing things their way, thanks to modern communication protocols that didn't even exist back then. I think that's awesome.

Who says you can't teach a couple of old dogs a few new tricks?


I was humbled (no pun intended) by this moment late in the episode.

[download the MP3]


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Podcasters Are Not Your Role Models

Humble and Fred Are Not Your Role ModelsI just caught up on the recent controversy involving my friends Humble and Fred. I have a few thoughts on the subject.

Humble and Fred have been podcasting daily for almost three years now. They sign up sponsors who pay actual money. At some point, I have to figure out how to do this for Toronto Mike'd, but I digress...

Their newest sponsor is Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison's slogan is "Life is short, have an affair". The boys did what they do when a legal company offers them cash and espoused the virtues of this service. In other words, they celebrated a company that enables and encourages affairs.

This has rubbed many the wrong way. Humble and Fred present themselves as folksy everymen and hearing them push Ashley Madison's services initially seems a little off-brand. Nobody wants to hear Fred telling listeners you can discreetly cheat on your wife in less than 48 hours.

I get it, but I also know Humble and Fred personally and talk to them often. I don't think there's a legal business on the planet they'd turn down. I don't think Humble and Fred make good morality role models nor do I think they should assume such a role.

These are guys who celebrate the fact they'll take donations for a food bank and bring home all the good stuff. When Fred's not returning used items to Costco, Humble's talking about his visit to an adult spa or driving while high. These guys put it all out there, as raw as ever, and that's what makes their show work.

But they're not role models, and if you look up to them as such, that's on you, not them. And if you don't like hearing them espouse the virtues of Ashley Madison, you don't have to listen. But if this is the straw that broke the camel's back, I'd question how closely you've been listening these past few years...

Use Ashley Madison's services if you wish, but don't do it because Humble and Fred told you to. Because life is short, and Humble and Fred are not your role models.

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