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Over at Freddie P's blog, he's been writing about how little there is to write about these days.  The absence of an interesting and juicy news story is the juiciest story out there.

It’s been a quiet summer when you think about it. There’s been some gun play in the GTA, but nothing like past years, and the gang activity seems to have thinned out.
Mayor Miller has been rather quiet. He must be taking some time off this summer because; there have been very few puzzling or mind boggling decisions or statements by the man who’s slowly destroying Toronto.
Federally, it’s the same old story. A Liberal leader is attempting to destroy himself, but Ontario won’t stand for it. Canada’s most twisted province prefers to over-look the obvious shortcomings of the Liberals, and instead, dig deep for anything that might make the Conservatives look bad, even if it’s fantasy.
It’s left me scratching my head many days this summer wondering what to write about.

I agree, there hasn't been a lot of news you can sink your teeth into this summer.  One can only write so many entries about Mats Sundin.

Yes folks, I just wrote about how there's nothing to write about.  That's the last refuge of a blogger.


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