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Guest Playlist Ettiquette


Yesterday night I had a great time at a top secret party at an undisclosed location with a fun group of people you may or may not know that I can't mention.  It was to celebrate a well deserved happenstance and both Taryn and I had a blast.  Even the music was pretty decent, and that's what this entry is about.  It's about the music.

I knew the host of this party was putting together a playlist of tunes to play throughout, but just in case his playlist bombed out, I spent some time yesterday afternoon putting together a party playlist of my own.  It's a plug-and-play world where one iPod can be swapped out for another in seconds.  The switcheroo would would be seamless and my song selection would spill out into the clear night sky.

I took into account the age range of attendees, removed the "scary" music, which means stripping out the NWA, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Public Enemy, etc., and killed the tunes with too many prominent swears.  If there were professional playlist creators, I'd be a good one.  It's always come naturally to me.

Armed with my "4theMasses" playlist on my iPod Touch, I didn't want to offend the host with an early switch and I wanted to ensure the incumbent playlist was given a legitimate opportunity to succeed.  There were some older, boring tunes, but for the most part it was pretty decent.  I heard Radiohead, I heard Lowest of the Low and I heard Neil Young.  I was impressed and let it play out all night long.

In Carrie Bradshaw Sex in the City fashion, I must ask the readers.  What is the guest playlist etiquette  in 2008?  Do the guests have the right to engage in mutiny and change the tunes?  The driver of the car should control the car radio, is it the same with owner of the house and the party playlist?

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