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When Your Jersey Player Leaves Your Team


When you wear your favourite team's jersey with the name and number of a current player on the back, you risk seeing that player traded, signed elsewhere, or worse, bought out.  My brother Steve owns a Darcy Tucker #16 Leafs jersey.  Darcy Tucker has been bought out by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

When Steve IM'd me to let me know Tucker was gonzo, he opened with "anyone wanna buy a Tucker jersey?"  I proudly wore a Doug Gilmour #93 in the early 90s and I remember when he was traded to New Jersey.  It's tough when your jersey player leaves your team.

After the Gilmour incident, I got smart.  My new jersey is a Bill Barilko #5.  By going classic I don't run the risk that my player will leave.  Barilko is a legend.  Barilko is forever.

Steve has learnt a valuable lesson.  My other brother owns a Bryan McCabe #24.  Let's hope he learns a similar lesson.

Bill Barilko
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