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Helping Fukuoka, Japan Celebrate Canada Day


The Google universe effects us all in different ways.  I feel a great responsibility to be an authority on subject matter I rank #1 for in Google.  Tomorrow is Canada's 141st birthday, so many are Googling best Canadian songs and finding my Top 100 Canadian Songs List.  That makes me a key ambassador of Canadian music, whether I like it or not.

Nick publishes a free paper in Fukuoka, Japan which he calls Fukuoka Now.  He's been organizing Canada Day parties in Fukuoka City, which has a pop of 1.5 million, and is in southern Japan, for the last 6 years.  Although Nick has been there for 18 years, he's originally from right here in Toronto.

So Nick did that search so he could play Canada's finest music at his Canada Day party in Fukuoka, Japan, and he came across my list and liked what he saw.  I spent some time this weekend setting Fukuoka, Japan up with this supreme Canadian playlist so they have a super fantastic Canada Day.

If you're in Fukuoka tomorrow, drop by and say hi to Nick.  He's got some great tunes for ya.

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