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Best Damn Sports Show Period


I don't watch much tv.  We're currently going through season 3 of Lost on DVD, and I check out This American Life on TMN On Demand, and if a decent movie shows up there, we'll check it out, but otherwise it's all about live sporting events.

Still, every once in a while I'll flip on the telly to chill for a little bit between projects and happenings.  This afternoon I was flipping around when I stumbled upon Best Damn Sports Show Period.  Every time I spot this show, I'm stuck.  I just love their lists... it's fantastic programming.

This afternoon I caught Best Damn's most memorable baseball plays.  It's 50 of the greatest baseball clips ever, who could resist?   The Shot Heard 'Round the World was listed at #1 and Kirk Gibson finished 2nd and this little play finished 7th.

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