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5th Paper Champions Award Winner


I read an article at this afternoon that really spoke to me.  It was entitled "Mike Boon blogs his way to the 5th Paper Champions Award" and it was about an entry I wrote about George Bell hitting 3 homers on opening day in Kansas City.

Here's a taste of what I read at this afternoon...

This weeks paper champion comes from way out in left-field at the old Exhibition Stadium on the CNE ground along the Toronto lakeshore. Toronto Mike has been "blogging up a storm since 2002" and managed to help squelch a heated office debate regarding the performance of a certain Blue Jay’s left-fielder, George Bell, who swore he would not forego fielding to be the team’s Designated Hitter. These facts were not up for debate, three completely different generations of Blue Jay’s fans made up the debaters but one thing was unanimous, George Bell didn’t want to be a DH.

I don't know what a Paper Champions Award is, but it's an honour to receive such recognition.

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