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Canada vs. Russia, 2008 Gold Medal Live Blogging


A few years ago, I live blogged a Canada ~ Russia World Junior Hockey Championship game and it was a lot of fun.  We won that one, and as I type the puck has dropped in the World Hockey Championship as we host Russia in the gold medal match.

James and I are settled in, we've got our pizza and our beverages and we're ready to rock.  Go Canada Go!

12:59 - Russia just scored.  We're only 1:23 into this game.  I wonder if the ref gets an assist on the play? Canada 0, Russia 1

13:02 - We're on the PP.  Just wondering, do these Getzlaf and Spezza points count in my playoff pool? Canada 0, Russia 1

13:05 - Great goal by Brent Burns to tie this sucker up.  We've got a 4-1 lead in shots.  This is shaping up to be a great game for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Canada 1, Russia 1

13:09 - WTF?  I need a replay... How did that puck not go in?  How dare TSN cut to a commercial without throwing us a replay first! Canada 1, Russia 1

13:16 - Awesome shot by Kunitz to give us the lead.  I was just thinking how neat it was that Federov is still an effective player when Chris K. hammered one home.  I'll get back to my Federov thought later... Canada 2, Russia 1

13:19 - We're going on the PP.  I wonder how Sens fans feel watching Heatley and Spezza play this game?  I shouldn't throw stones... I notice no Leafs made this team. Canada 2, Russia 1

13:23 - They just played that Molson ad that tells us real Canadian men turn down booty calls during the post season.  I've turned down booty calls during Leaf playoff games.  The calls were from my wife, and I made amends after the game, but nothing distracts me from the NHL playoffs.  Nothing. Canada 2, Russia 1

13:26 - Nash just got high-sticked giving us a 2-man advantage.  Get ready to cheer... Canada 2, Russia 1

13:27 - Brent Burns has his second of the game.  Nice pass from St. Louis.  We're still on the PP here, and Russia has just called a time-out.  Canada 3, Russia 1

13:35 - I'm exhausted just watching this game.  The action is fast and furious and that PP was thrilling.  Now we're short handed but the Russian PP will be interrupted by an intermission. Canada 3, Russia 1

13:38 - After one period, we've got a two goal lead.  It actually felt like we dominated more than that.  They're promoting an interview with our Prime Minister.  Let me guess... Mr. Harper will tell us how proud he is of our Canadian team and what a big fan he is of our national game.  That's all well and good but it still won't win him a seat in Toronto. Canada 3, Russia 1

13:56 - With the pizza finished, the BBQ chips are out.  Russia just scored.  Federov was on the ice.  Hockey fans remember well the Russian trifecta that came into the NHL in the early 90s.  It was Federov, Mogilny and Bure and they were awesome.  Federov is the last one standing.  Canada 3, Russia 2

14:00 - Great save by Cam Ward on Ovechkin.  Damn Ovechkin is good.    The Russians are really coming on now. Canada 3, Russia 2

14:10 - Heatley scores!  I was worried after a complacent start to the period.  That's his 12th goal of the tournament beating Eric Lindros' old record. Canada 4, Russia 2

14:12 - Gord Miller just mentioned the fact Heatley has tied the old Yzerman record for points in this tournament by a Canadian.  I love Heatley when he's playing for Canada and hate him when he's playing for Ottawa.  It's funny how that works.  Canada 4, Russia 2

14:20 - The goaltending has been strong with both Cam Ward and Nabokov making big saves.  Canada 4, Russia 2

14:26 - After two periods we're up by two.  They're airing that commercial that tells ignorant parents the new words kids use for recreational drugs.  Did you know green means marijuana? Canada 4, Russia 2

14:37 - A Canada vs. Russia gold medal game in the first World Championship held in Canada was the dream match-up everyone wanted and got.  In the NBA, people without a rooting interesting are hoping, wishing and praying for a Celtics vs. Lakers final.  That's quite possible... but the Celtics have to dispose of Lebron first. Canada 4, Russia 2

14:46 - An unexpected guest just popped by.  Drew, the guy who leads our playoff pool, is here with a steaming hot Tim Horton's coffee... but get this, he didn't bring one for me.  And now he wants to watch the third period here.  That is wrong with a capital W. Canada 4, Russia 2

14:51 - Cam Ward is shutting the door here as the Russians threaten. Canada 4, Russia 2

14:58 - Damn... Russians are within one.  This is going to be quite the finish.  I'm running out of fingernails. Canada 4, Russia 3

15:03 - Wow.  End-to-end action.  We need a goal so I can breathe. Canada 4, Russia 3

15:09 - Fudge.  Kovalchuk just tied it up.  Where the hell is the offense?  Hitchcock just called a time-out.  I'm not live blogging this thing to lose, dammit! Canada 4, Russia 4

15:18 - How's this for a storybook ending?  Nash comes back after taking a puck in the mouth and scores the winner with seconds left in regulation... Canada 4, Russia 4

15:20 - We're heading to overtime.  I can't help but notice that we were up by two when Drew showed up and now it's in OT.  The dude can draft a playoff pool, but he's crap luck when it comes to an international tournament. Canada 4, Russia 4

15:27 - I'm watching the Penguins vs. Flyers during the intermission. Pittsburgh has the early lead.  I'll bet they win 4-1 or 5-1.  Canada 4, Russia 4

15:38 - What the hell was Nash thinking flipping the puck over the glass?  That's a penalty, right?  They're chatting about it... and... they called it.  Damn. Canada 4, Russia 4

15:42 - Pittsburgh now leads 2-0.  Canada 4, Russia 5

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