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For the past year, Freddie P and I have been discussing an idea he's had for a national blog.  He envisioned a national forum where people discuss domestic issues and he wanted to call it Canadian Thinker.  Finally, a couple of months ago, we hooked up at Kelsey's and literally started sketching the concept.

I could see Canadian Thinker, a voice for what's right in Canada, but it was the right-ness of the voice that conflicted with my personal political views.  I tend to lean a lot further to the left than Fred when it comes to such matters, and I can't write passionately about subjects unless it's coming from the heart.  Still, I loved the idea, and I wanted to partner with Freddie on this, so we agreed that Fred would author the entries and I would primarily lend my technical, design and marketing expertise to the project.

From the Canadian Thinker "About" page:

Canadian Thinker is exactly what is says it is.  A forum for concerned thinking Canadians who are tired of the politically correct quagmire that we find ourselves in.
At we find it sad that so many Canadians can't say what they think, and we don't mean extreme nonsense that does nothing to improve our way of life in Canada, we mean fair rational points of view that are often stifled by unfounded accusations of intolerance and ignorance. is for all Canadians.  A place to gather to state your point of view. is Fred Patterson, long time Toronto radio personality and Toronto Mike, long time Toronto blogger.

Please add Canadian Thinker to your bookmarks and chime in on issues that effect our Country.  And please, if you disagree with Fred, let him have it in the comments.

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