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First Choice-Superchannel Feature Presentation


YouTube user WNED17 recently uploaded some fantastic retro-Toronto-centric gems.  These clips have brought back a tonne of memories for me, so I'm going to feature them one by one over the next few weeks.

I subscribe to The Movie Network (TMN).  If you want to see movies and series from HBO and Showtime, you really don't have any other option.  Here in Canada, we can't legally subscribe to HBO and such American premium stations, so it's TMN or nothing.

Here's a quick history of pay tv in Canada... It started with First Choice which debuted in 1983.  First Choice went head to head with Superchannel in those early years until they realized they had to unite or die.  First Choice-Superchannel, which would eventually rebrand itself as The Movie Network, was born.

Here's the intro that ran before First Choice-Superchannel R rated features.

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