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Are You Red-Y?


The Toronto Raptors are going heavy with their Canada's Team spin, and I for one am glad.  Their attempt to be Canada's team has them drenching everything in red and white without a hint of purple.

Why a team named after a dinosaur would choose purple as their official colour is beyond me.  Comparisons to the famously annoying purple dinosaur Barney were encouraged.  The whole purple thing, so key during the first decade of this franchise, simply had to go.  I love you, you love me... I think I'm going to be sick.

At the game last week, I couldn't find any purple.  A guy in an older ACC uniform selling snacks had a little purple in his shirt and fans in old school uniforms with Camby and Stoudamire on the back had purple, but otherwise it's all Canadian red and white now.  Phew!

It's playoff time.  Are you red-y?

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