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YouTube user WNED17 recently uploaded some fantastic retro-Toronto-centric gems.  These clips have brought back a tonne of memories for me, so I'm going to feature them one by one over the next few weeks.

Here's a promo for CityTV's CityPulse sports back in 1984.  The team consisted of Peter Gross, Debbie Van Kiekebelt and Jim McKenny.  Join me after the clip for more discussion, won't you?

Who were these guys and where are they now?

Peter Gross was an out-of-work actor driving a cab when he picked up Moses Znaimer one day and asked him for a job.  He was sports director at CityTV in the 1980s and today can be heard reading sports for 680 News.

Debbie Van Kiekebelt was an Olympic Pentathlete, Canada's female athlete of the year in 1971 and Canada's first woman sportscaster when she took the gig at CityTV.  In the video above, she can be seen wearing a Toronto tee.  I too wore a Toronto tee, but it never won me a damn thing.

Jim McKenny scored 327 points in 594 games as a Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman.  That's the fourth highest total for defencemen in franchise history.  Today, you'll still catch him on CityTV, talking sports.  The more things change...

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