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My Entertainment Centre Circa 1996


When I found the bridge pic last night, I found a few other nuggets from the mid-90s.  The picture below is my home entertainment system in my very first apartment in 1996.  Here's a little more I wrote about 30 Charles Street West, University of Toronto family housing.  The rent was dirt cheap but you had to be both a student at the university and married to get in.

Looking at this pic, a few things jump out at me.

  • There's a Super Nintendo on the floor.  Until a Nintendo Wii showed up at Christmas, that was the last gaming console I played.
  • I recently dusted off that stereo and moved it to my current bedroom.  I was listening to it this morning.
  • That very VCR is still hooked up to the television in our bedroom.
  • It's strange seeing all those CDs out - now that everything is MP3, all the CDs are stored away.
  • That dresser the television is sitting on has been painted green and now resides in our kitchen.

In twelve years, very little has changed!

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