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I use this site sometimes as a personal bulletin board of sorts.  It's a convenient way to document things I'll want to reference later.  This is one of those entries so you might want to pass on by.

In my haste to write about my near death experience yesterday, I forgot to throw down a proper running update.  On November 17 I hurt my right leg.   Until that day I had enjoyed 37 straight weeks of pain free running.  I took a week off and tried a short run on November 27.  After a couple of km the pain was too intense and I had to walk/hobble the rest of my 6k run.  That's when I saw a doctor.

I was told to take anti-inflammatory drugs and rest it for two weeks.  Then, if the pain was still there, she'd send me off to physiotherapy.  I didn't rest it for two weeks, I rested it for a month.  I tried another 6k run yesterday and after 2 km the pain was back.  It's alongside my right leg and it becomes impossible to pump my leg into a single stride without severe pain.  I can't run more than 2 km right now, which makes it awfully difficult to train for my half marathon in March.

I'll return to the doc to give her the update.  It has me totally bummed because I thoroughly enjoyed running and I've got my sights set on a full marathon.  I just hope this is something I can figure out and heal before spring.

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