Movable Type's Freedom

movable typeThis blog is powered by Movable Type. Movable Type is what gives this site its bloggy goodness: comments, trackbacks, RSS, category archives, date archives, and all of that. I've spent a lot of time installing, configuring and optimizing Movable Type for various purposes. Humble's blog runs off of it, Freddie's blog runs off of it, the SLS page runs off of it and Buffalo Boy's new blog runs off of it. I believe in this blogging platform and it just got better.

Movable Type is now open source. As explained on the Movable Type Community Blog, this means we can freely modify, redistribute, and use Movable Type for any purpose we choose. If that wasn't clear enough, here's how they spelt it out in the comments. You can:

  • use it for your business
  • get paid to install it
  • get paid to support it
  • modify it (and release your modifications)
  • rebrand it, modify it, and sell it

This leads nicely to my next point. Now that Movable Type is free for both non-commercial and commercial endeavours, anyone can be managing their own Movable Type powered blog or website with just a little help from a Movable Type expert. That's me. I install the wonderful new version, MT4, configure it, optimize it for SEO, write the XHTML and CSS templates so it looks and feels the way you want it and teach you how to use it. Next thing you know, you're a hero to thousands in cyber space and a guest on CBC RadioOne.

Smooth move Movable Type. I like freedom.

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Mike (Buffalo Boy)

one day Mike, I want to know as much as you about this stuff, im learning it little by little.

December 13, 2007 @ 7:27 PM

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