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George Bell Wasn't Named In The Mitchell Report


I've been thinking a lot about the Mitchell Report this evening.  A lot of players were named, including some huge names.  I've been wondering how I'd feel if George Bell was named.

George Bell retired after the 1993 season and could never have been named in the Mitchell Report, but he was my favourite player growing up.  He was my baseball hero, and had I learnt today he cheated, I'd have been crushed.

For many, their George Bell was named in the report.  How many idolize Roger Clemens, for example.  It's the details about him that most intrigue me.  He was getting roids at Skydome and was cheating during his Cy Young seasons here in Toronto.  Statistically speaking, those are the two best Blue Jays seasons ever recorded by a starting pitcher.  Now I wonder if they shouldn't be wiped from the record book.

On this very blog I've written extensively about Roger Clemens.  In the summer of '04 I called him the best pitcher of his generation.  I actually think he might be the best pitcher of all time, and now I'm left shaking my head.

Imagine if he was George Bell.

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