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My '86 Taurus


My jacket dilemma has me thinking about my '86 Taurus.  You see, when I like something, I really like it and I don't want to swap it out for a better model or a newer model.  I once wrote that I like progress, I just don't like change.  That about sums it up.

In 1998 I got a job in Mississauga and required a car.  I picked up a beat up rusty 1986 Taurus for $100 and I loved this car.  It just worked, dammit, and it never complained.  She looked like hell, but she had those old bench seats you don't see anymore and she only cost me a $100!  I didn't want to upgrade, I was happy.

I was literally forced to stop driving her when it was discovered she was in some unreported accident and wasn't safe for our roads.  In 1999 I bought another car for a great deal more than $100 and I'm still driving that car today.

See what I mean about not liking change?  I'll probably fix up my old leather jacket, too.

My '86 Taurus
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