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An Update On The Site Renovation


Well, that was frustrating.  Yesterday evening, while I watched the Colts and Patriots play a fairly entertaining football game, I decided to multi-task.  I figured I could blow up and rebuild this site by the final whistle.  This time, I'd go pure CSS.

Everything was going swimmingly.  This site is still using Movable Type 3.31 which means there are templates for the permalink, monthly archive and category archive.  I modularize the crap out of the code so there ends up being three template modules I pull into each template.  A complete rebuild later and I saw what I expected to see... in Firefox.

IE6 has poor CSS support, and I quickly realized that the sidebar would start at the conclusion of the main body on the permalink pages.  I started going through the CSS and HTML line by line, and I got everything working on the home page, but the permalink pages would no cooperate.  I eventually gave up and started hacking away at it again this morning.

Right now, I believe the structure is sound and working in Firefox and IE.  Let me know if I'm wrong.  Now that the structure is stable, I'll start tweaking the actual appearance over the next few days.  This look and feel is sort of temporary.  The header image you see at the top was blatantly stolen from  I "borrowed" the style because I like it.  I'll call it a homage and temporary, which makes stealing A-OK on the web.

Since I can now focus on perfecting the navigation, display styles and formatting of what you see, now is a great time for you to tell me what you'd like to see and what's currently here that you can't stand.  Getting a pure-CSS design to work properly in IE is more than half the battle.  Now it's time for the fun part.

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