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Sundin to the Sens: A Jagged Little Pill


In his column for The Sporting News, Ken Campbell suggests the Sens pursue Mats Sundin.  His points are valid.  Sundin is having a great year, is a better gamble for the Sens than Forsberg and the Leafs could use some young talent from the Sens war chest as we rebuild.  It would be a great, ballsy move, and I hope it never happens.

Seeing Mats Sundin win the cup this summer would make me very happy, even if he's not winning the cup with the Leafs.  Seeing the Sens win the cup this summer would make me very unhappy, and this unhappiness trumps the aforementioned happiness.  I would rather Mats go cup-less than witness Ottawa win it all.

Having said that, I hope we trade Sundin to a contender.  I want to see him succeed and I'd like us to get some young talent and draft picks for him in case we do realize there's a need to rebuild here.  I'd be okay with Mats winning the cup with another team so long as that team doesn't call Ottawa home.

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