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I Passed On The Goat Cheese


I spent Saturday morning at Humble Howard's place where he showed me some cool Blackberry shortcuts, we discussed potential Internet ventures and I got to hear all about his top secret wheelings and dealings with Insight that very well could make him the next Simon Cowell.  Unfortunately, I'm sworn to secrecy and he'll withdraw the Leafs tickets he's offered me for next Saturday if I even drop a hint as to what the show he's pitching is all about.

In his entry about my visit, Howard mentioned the fact I passed on the goat cheese.  I was served a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, bread, coffee and goat cheese, and anyone who knows me could probably guess I'd pass on the goat cheese.  I'm sure goat cheese is lovely, but I didn't feel a need to find out.  As he says, when it comes to food, my tastes are old school.

So yes, I passed on the goat cheese.  And I'd do it again, too.

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