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We'll Kick This Running Thing Off Old School


I've been running since March and I'd like to keep going.  There's a Chilly 1/2 Marathon in Burlington on March 2nd I've got my eye on and I'd like to train for that.  If you think you may want to join in the training fun and run with me in the west end of Toronto, keep reading...

I'm going to start by doing this old school.  This isn't going to be a Facebook group or a web site (yet), but it's going to start as a good ol' email distribution list.  I will communicate when we're running, what route we're doing, and how far it is via email, and if you can join in you just have to reply and let me know.  I just need to know if you're interested so I can add your address to this distribution list and BCC you on such correspondence.

If you want to be on the list, simply leave a comment below or write me and tell me.  We'll do this like it's 1999 until I find some time to flesh out a nice interactive forum.

I will be running every Wednesday night, Sunday morning and one other time period, depending on other factors.  I'll actually be running tonight.  The Wednesday run will always be about 10k, the Sunday run will be the long run and will get progressively longer.  We ran 14k last Sunday, we'll be running 15k next Sunday and we'll keep adding a km until we get to 21.  The third run will be an easy 6k, which is the plan for tonight.

Who wants on the disty list?  Good times are guaranteed and when you're not laughing hysterically at my jokes or enjoying my singing you might just get in shape.

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