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On his blog, Humble Howard accurately predicted what Mike Boon's up to.  He enjoys goofing on my life-long love of a team that hasn't won a championship since well before I was born.  Publicly, he roots for the Senators just to piss me off, but in secret conversations he admits to rooting for the Leafers.  Don't believe the hype.

Truth be known, I'm excited.  It's sort of like Christmas day with a clean slate and a full season of fun ahead.  Already there's buzz about who will get the start between the pipes.  It had better be Vesa...

As for me, my plans tonight are as follows.  Run 8k with the clinic peeps, go home, shower, throw on my #93 Doug Gilmour jersey, grab James, head over to Ryan's house and watch the season opener.

Say it with me folks.  Go Leafs Go!

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