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Gearing Up For the ZooRun 10k


Tomorrow morning I'm running my first ever 10k race.  It's only my third race overall after a couple of 5k races this past summer.  My packet is picked up, my 10k clinic is complete and there's nothing left but the runnin'.

This route looks pretty cool.  I hear the stampede of runners scares the crap out of the animals and they go into hiding, but there's no way those giraffes are going anywhere.  I'll pass them at the 6k mark and their long necks will inspire me to finish strong.

Luckily we're spared a visit to the Canadian Domain.  As a frequent visitor of the Zoo, I can tell you that's one steep hill.  Of course, now that I've conquered the Spring Road hill six times in a row, I'd be master of the Canadian Domain if given the chance.  Maybe I'll take a detour...

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