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Why I'm Rooting For The Rockies


We're down to four teams in the chase for the World Series, and I know who I'm rooting for.  I'm backing the Colorado Rockies.

When the Blue Jays are eliminated, picking a team usually forces me to examine three factors.  Do the Jays have a history with the team, are there former Jays playing an integral role with the team and is there some serious CanCon going on.  With the Rockies, it's all about CanCon.

Jeff Francis from North Delta, B.C. got the win last night as the Rockies beat the Diamondbacks.  He's the only Canadian-born pitcher to win a post-season start and he's done it twice... and counting.

If it wasn't for Francis, I'd likely be backing the Indians, but CanCon trumps all.

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