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$160,000 Worth of Good Vibes


Toronto Mayor David Miller recently initiated a series of cuts to city services, including delaying the opening of outdoor rinks until January.  That meant our outdoor public skating rinks would be closed during the Christmas season.  MasterCard has fixed that.

MasterCard is donating $160,000 to make sure city ice rinks open in December.  They're not advertising at the rinks or anything like that, but they know they'll get their $160,000 worth and more.  Every Toronto newspaper, radio station, television news show and blogger is telling this story today and it's custom made to give you the warm fuzzies for MasterCard just ahead of the busiest shopping period of the year.

Good on MasterCard.  Hopefully more corporations will secure similar good vibes in the coming months while we wrestle with a $575-million shortfall at City Hall.

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