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How I Gained 10 lbs Overnight

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I rarely weigh myself, but lately my pants have felt looser so I decided to check in to see the effect of six months of running three times a week.  I was shocked to see I was down to 152 lbs.

This concerned Taryn.  Usually when I'm at my heaviest I come in at about 175 lbs, worthy of a page reviewing mass gainers, and when I'm in pretty good shape I come in at 165 lbs.  I haven't been 152 lbs since grade eleven and it didn't seem right to me.  I immediately doubted the result and questioned the quality of our scale.  Taryn assured me it was accurate and always gave correct weights.  Still, it didn't add up.  Even though I'm exercising more I haven't changed my diet and was still eating like a pig.  There was no way I was down to 152 lbs.

I planned to weigh myself on another scale to prove to Taryn that our scale was spouting out bullshit, but first I weighed myself again, the very next day, just for the heck of it.  Overnight I must have gained 10 lbs, because I was back up to 161 lbs, a weight I could believe.

This scale may be accurate, but the results come back in an LED display.  The line in the number six that differentiates it from a five was temporarily burnt out.  I was never 152 lbs, I was 162 lbs, as I suspected.

Trooper sang about a three dressed up as a nine.  In my house, a six occasionally poses as a five.  It's the best diet in town.

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