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The stats tell me there are a bunch of Johnny-come-lately's checking out this space on a daily basis.  There are a few things you newbies are likely unaware of, so here's a list of things you might not know.

  • This site has a sitemap.  From there you can see the pages that didn't make the main navigation menu up top.  There's a link to the sitemap on the bottom of every single page.
  • There's an RSS feed just for comments left on this blog.  Sometimes the best stuff gets lost in the comments.
  • I often forget to update my pictures page.  The best way to see my latest photos is to visit my Flickr page.
  • If you're new to these parts and you want to catch up on what you've missed, a great place to start is the archives page.  From there you can jump to any month or category.
  • I go heavy on the Leafs, Jays, Simpsons, Hip and I love lists.  You see, it's all about me, I'm just letting you peek in on the action.

And now, in a completely unrelated vein, here are a couple of bills I'm hanging on to so I can impress the kids when they're older.

Old $1 and $2 Canadian Bills
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