Marigold Chimes In

tvIt's not often I hear from Polka Dot Door's Marigold, but she just left a comment on this entry.

I actually played Marigold on Polka Dot Shorts for the eight years it was being shot.

It was pretty fun, you can get tapes at TVO. Patricia Ellingson is still the head of childrens, and you can find the Producer, Jed Mackay on myspace under "It's all Meat"

Good luck.

And yes there was a brown boot. it's name was BOOT.

The Marigold I grew up watching was just a doll and wasn't played by a human, but the younger crowd will likely remember Polka Dot Shorts.

My Marigold was speechless, unless she was whispering something to Alex, Nerene or Denis. Still, it's nice of her to chime in.

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