Sparks Flies High, Beat Boxer Battered

idolI completely missed the final American Idol performances on Tuesday night, because I was busy sweeping a double header. Since I missed that, I didn't bother watching last night, but I taped the finale just to browse at a later time.

At 10pm I flipped on the telly and saw AI was in overtime, so I watched to see who won this thing. Originally I liked Sundance Head, but he fizzled early. Then I backed LaKisha, but she finished fourth. All the while Jordin was getting better and better and I started to think she could win this thing. She did.

After watching this most important announcement, we hit the tape and started watching the two hours that preceded this moment. That's when I watched my favourite guilty pleasure rock out with "Never Again". That's when I realized, I no longer have to feel guilty about this. Enough with this Catholic guilt! There's absolutely nothing wrong with me enjoying Kelly Clarkson, is there?

If "Never Again" was sung by Bif Naked, Edge 102 would be playing it ad nauseam.

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Hey Mike,
I know what you mean; Walk Away is one of my favourite tunes (well, actually my 4 year old daughter's favourite)
Did you get a chance to watch Green Day? I thought they did a great job.

May 24, 2007 @ 10:50 PM

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