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Doc Martens and Kurt Cobain


I've been reading online that Doc Marten has unveiled new ads featuring Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone, and Joe Strummer.  I've seen these ads, but I don't believe it.  A quick search for a solid source was a failure, so there's still hope this is bullshit.

It had better be bullshit.  I've been wearing Doc Martens since the ninth grade, and when my pair of black, three-hole, yellow-stiched Docs wear out, I just go out and buy the exact same pair again.  I've covered this topic before, and if you read that entry followed by this one about Kurt Cobain, you'll realize why I hope this is some kind of Photoshop humour.

Dr. Marten makes a great pair of shoes, but they don't last forever.  Just ask Kurt.

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