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There's Always Someone Who Hates Your Favourite Band

The Tragically Hip

It's no secret I love The Tragically Hip.  I celebrate their entire catalogue and catch them live whenever possible.  There is no band I enjoy seeing live as much as I enjoy catching The Hip.

No matter how much I like this band, there are always people who will have the exact opposite reaction.  There's always someone who hates your favourite band, and there's something comforting in that fact.

Someone left a comment the other day in our SLS discussion about It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken.  tom.t chimed in with the following.

I had tickets to see THE WHO tonight in Long Beach CA, guess who opened? Yup, The Tragically Hip. When i arrived at the venue, I asked everyone in sight who was opening and not a single person knew. Being a music fan, not particular to anything (excluding country which sucks), I sat through the whole set. Thinking not every song is great maybe it will get better. Song after song it seemed to increasingly get worse. By the end of their set about 4 people applauded, and the guy next to me returned the shirt he bought which he thought was a WHO shirt. I have nothing against Canada (RUSH is the shit), I have family about 2 hours north of Detroit. I have to say if you like this group you may need to see a doctor and have your head removed from your ass, and the crap pulled out of your ears. Not all was bad the group can play music, the singer couldn't hold a note in a bucket. What a fucking waste of time. I would rather have seen the crew just set up the stage for the event and let The Who play with no opener. On the bright side no matter how bad The Who could have screwed up, it would have sounded like heaven compared to the tone deaf fuck lead singer from hip. The only thing tragic is, your not thinking clear enough to see they eat balls.

tom.t and I couldn't disagree more, and that's pretty cool.  If we all dug that same shite, it would get pretty bloody boring pretty damn quick.

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