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Weekly MP3 - Power To The People


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Public Enemy - Power To The People
There's one drawback to digitizing my entire music collection.  Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet is one of my favourite albums on the planet and I used to listen to it from start to finish.  There was no gap between the songs.  In fact, it was often difficult to tell where one track ended and the next began.  It was all stitched together by Terminator X on those wheels of steel and the bomb squad.

Now that I listen to Fear of a Black Planet as twenty individual files, they don't bleed into one another the way they used to.  Sure, I can remove pauses between the songs, but it's not quite the same somehow.  Fear of a Black Planet wants to be one long MP3.

Today I'm sharing "Power to the People", mainly because it's a rarely heard cut from the album and it's got that crazy Flav "right about now" action at the end that sounded awesome on the old Walkman.

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