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I bumped into an old friend the other day told him to contact me through this site.  I got an email from him later that day in which you remarked that it's pretty cool I'm working in radio.

I've never written about my career in radio because I've never worked in radio.  I've listened to a lot of radio, but that's not quite the same thing, although I hear the pay is similar.  The confusion probably derives from my involvement in the Humble & Fred podcasts, but that's web based "radio".

I got this message through my site yesterday, from somebody else.

hey i have just tuned into your station and i am loving it, the only problem is once you get to scarborough travelling on the 401 to ajax the signal cuts out. is there another station i can switch to in order to get the same relaxing music. Kay

It turns out Kay was asking about 103.9, Proud FM.  My interview with Bingo Bob confused her and she thought it was my station.

I'm the leader of the show, keepin' you on the go, but I know I can't live without my radio.

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