Auntie Beeb Adds Weight

cntowerAll day long I've been hearing about how they closed the Gardiner Expressway because huge chunks of ice were falling from the CN Tower. It seemed like an interesting local story, particularly for commuters who take that route, but it didn't seem like big news.

This afternoon, while checking my RSS feeds, I saw the BBC News | World | Americas | UK Edition had "Falling ice shuts Toronto roads" as the top story. Seeing that the Beeb thought our falling ice was a big deal gave the story so much weight in my eyes. If the Beeb finds it feed worthy, it's no local story.

Listen to Auntie Beeb for she is wise. And beware of falling ice.

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BBC - Ming Tea (from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery")

Will ya
Make me tea?
Make love to me?
Put on the teley?
To the BBC!
To the BBC,
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

BBC 1!
BBC 2!
BBC 3!
BBC 4!
BBC 5!
BBC 6!
BBC 7!
BBC heaven!

(repeat 2 more times)

BBC, peace!

March 7, 2007 @ 7:35 PM

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