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Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Four Hours To Go


There are exactly twenty-four hours to go before the 2007 NHL trade deadline.  I've bookmarked TSN's Trade List and I'm visiting often.

In year's past, I was looking for the Leafs to add a proven player for the playoffs.  Big names like Rob Blake and Owen Nolan would become available, and I'd encourage the Leafs to go after them.  Then there was the lost season and last year we did little.  This season, I'm torn.

We're only a point out of a playoff spot.  I'd like to see us add a player, helping us return to the post season.  Once there, ya never know, right?  Then again, I know we're spinning our wheels and Lord Stanley's Cup isn't returning after 40 long years.  Wouldn't it be wise to part with veterans and add some youth.  Shouldn't we do what the Raptors did and rebuild this sucker so we're truly competitive in a few years?

I'm clearly conflicted.  I understand the value of short term pain for long term gain, but I'd rather avoid pain altogether if that's possible.  No more pain... we've had enough pain.

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