The Tragically Hip at the ACC

Tragically Hip at the ACCLast night, the number of times I've seen The Tragically Hip live in concert hit double digits. Ryan and I got to our seats at the Air Canada Centre early to catch Buck 65. This Nova Scotian is unique. He's got a DJ spinning wax while he raps, but it's Hip Hop heavily flavoured with bluegrass country. It's not easy to describe, but it's interesting and entertaining.

I far prefer outdoor concerts, under a clear night's sky, but in February that's not going to happen so 20,000 of us hooked up in the ACC to see our band. Other than a cover none of us seemed to recognize or care for, it was another great show, although I'm rather biased. Here were the highlights.

Fiddler's Green
It took a single note of Fiddler's Green for me to realize I was finally getting my wish. I had never heard this song live, and it's one of my favourites. It's so damn pretty, and while Gord and the boys played it, time seemed to stand still. This song alone was worth the price of admission.

At The Hundredth Meridian
Whereas I was hearing Fiddler's Green for the first time, I heard At The Hundredth Meridian for the tenth time. Anyone who's seen the Hip in concert knows the live version of this tune is quite different from the version you hear on Fully Completely. It's faster, zippier and manic. Then, there's the ultra fast "If I die of vanity" sequence that fuels me like organic speed. This time, Gord threw in some Police and even that couldn't ruin it for me.

Feelin' Those Lighters
Let's see, Bobcaygeon, Fiddler's Green, Long Time Running, Wheat Kings... All had the joint lit up with lighters. I'm not talking about that crappy psuedo lighter thing people do with their cell phones, but actual fire. It was awesome, and all three songs killed. That night in Toronto...

In View Arrives
I've written in the past about how good a single I think In View is. Last night, I heard it in concert for the first time and I'm certain it will become a live staple. It's a great sing-along with that hook and arena presence. Last night was In View's coming out party.

I've updated my Hip page with the setlist and my all-time song statistics. Also, there's a small photoset here of pics I took, but taking a decent picture in the cavernous ACC is an exercise in futility.

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I have the biggest news ever to share with you all..
In Winter of 2000, when I was working at this restaurant on the Rock; one night [almost closing time, Midnight], I received a call from a man. He wanted to know if we could stay open a bit longer for him and his BAND; because they were in town for a concert!!
After receiving an okay from my boss I told him we will do it for him this time, and this time only !!
At first, they were going to eat-in, but at the end, they were too exhausted and decided to oder out !!
While taking their order on the phone, I thought to myself, " hey, a concert, cool !! maybe I should ask him for the band's autographs." So I did !!!
He asked for my name and etc..
When he came in to pick up the BIG order, he handed over to me a rolled up poster and left.
When I unrolled it, it was my very first time ever heard of the band "Tragically Hip"
I was like...."Who are they?" I had no clue who they were, and I didn't think they were famous at all !!
It wasn't until later on when I showed it to the waitresses...and they were like..."OMG !!! Can I have the poster? Do you know who they are ?"
It turned out the man on the phone with me was the manager !!
OOOO..btw..did I mention this was in Corner Brook, NEWFOUNDLAND !!!

May 3, 2007 @ 4:22 PM

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