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Prince's Batdance and 1989's Batman


Prince is all over the news today because he used his guitar as a phallic symbol during his half-time show at Super Bowl XLI.  Imagine that, Prince being sexually suggestive.  Will wonders never cease.  Have these people never listened to Darling Nikki?

The summer of 1989 was the summer I turned fifteen.  The most anticipated film that summer was Batman.  I had the tee shirt, we had the big cups they were giving away at McDonald's (or was it Burger King?) and Muchmusic was playing the video for Prince's Batdance on very high rotation.

Batdance was kitschy fun.  It helped me memorize many of the best lines before I saw the movie.  You never hear it or see it any more, but if you remember videos from the spring and summer of '89, you remember this one.

For the record, I absolutely loved the movie.  I even bought the soundtrack on cassette.  All subsequent Batman flicks paled in comparison.

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