My Big Break

rollingstonesI was the Wizard of Woe in my primary school's production of The Canada Goose. It was my big break. The Canada Goose was a musical that played for two nights in the basement of St. Pius X church on Bloor Street near Runnymede.

The Wizard of Woe was no small part. I had the most lines and a number of solos. I'm guessing this was before my voice broke, because I can't sing a lick now. Sandra Oh got her big break in similar fashion playing the same role.

This was a big time production, just check out the graphics on the playbill below. Despite rave reviews, I don't think I've acted in a play since. I'm holding out for the big bucks. I want what Oh's getting.

The Canada Goose

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i totally saw this show at St. Pius.

Canada Goose, Canada Goose
Cut(?) his feathers and he won't come loose
You can come along
You can sing a song
Sing a song of freedom with the Canada Goose!

Or something like that.


August 10, 2008 @ 3:23 PM

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