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Chalk Circle At The Forum

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The first concert I ever attended was Chalk Circle at the Ontario Place Forum.  I couldn't tell you the year, but I'm guessing it was 1985 or 1986.

The Ontario Place Forum was pretty cool at the time for two reasons.  They had a revolving stage and admission was free once you paid your way into Ontario Place.  They tore the Forum down in the mid 90s when the Amphitheatre showed up and it's a damn shame.

Chalk Circle won an award from CFNY for being the most promising non-recording artists in 1985 and they went on to have a few minor radio hits.  I see a Chalk Circle greatest hits album was even released last year.  Chalk Circle becoming my first concert had more to do with timing and circumstance than a passionate love for their music, but for all eternity they'll be my first.

What was your first concert?

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