One More Sleep

christmasIt all goes down tonight. Santa will come with gifts for good little boys and girls who will wake up tomorrow morning full of excitement. This has been a particularly fun build up with James a total believer in the magic of Christmas and Michelle gaining a slight understanding of it all as well.

James just told me that Santa prefers chocolate milk to white milk, so that's what he's getting tonight. Any kind of cookie will do, apparently. Michelle sees the presents that are already under the tree and she tells me they can't be opened until tomorrow. She knows this now because she opened one from her grandmother last week and we had to make the rules ultra clear. At least she opened the gift that was for her and not the one for her brother, but we understand James helped guide her away from the one with his name on it.

They say these years fly by and I believe it. The following two photos are only two years old but they seem like yesterday. It was Michelle's first Christmas and the first time James understood what it all meant. If I could bottle this addictive innocence, I'd do more than buy the world a Coke. You'd all get a Wii.

Michelle on Christmas Morning Opening a Present II

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