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ottawaWhen I started this blog, I lay down ground rules for myself. One rule was and is "never write about work". Writing about work is asking for trouble.

Garth Turner, the MP for Halton, also writes a blog. Turner writes about his job. In fact, that's the refreshing allure. He uses his blog to communicate with his constituents, giving them a peek at the daily life of an MP and sharing his views on various subjects, even if it puts his own party in a negative light. The Conservative Party didn't like this very much and suspended him from the caucus.

His blog gets 1.5 million hits a month and that figure will only grow with this news. Read his entries, it's like taking a cool shower on a hot, sweltering day. It's damn refreshing and something I wish all MPs did.

He's been kicked out of caucus, but the web-based MP has solidified his role as the voice that doesn't tow the company line. No matter what you think of his politics, this is a very good thing.

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