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Here's the Google cache of Kimveer Gill's profile page at  Gill wore a black trench coat when he opened fire on students at Montreal's Dawson College yesterday.  Two are dead and nineteen are wounded, six critically.

Going by the name fatality666, Gill's web page is quite revealing.  When answering the question how he'd like to die, he writes "Like Romeo and Juliet -or- In a hail of gunfire".  His journal, a blog of sorts, was updated as recently as yesterday morning at 10:41am.  "Whiskey in the morning, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, good !! :)" gives little indication of what was to come two hours later.  Clearly, he was disturbed and in a dark place.  Littered throughout are references to Satanism, him being an Angel of Destruction, Adolf Hitler, guns and death.  He's clearly disturbed.

Yesterday night and this morning I heard many opinions and suggestions as to what we have to do to prevent school killings like this.  Some want to arm school security guards with guns, some want to have everyone pass a metal detector, others want to lock everything down and take away basic freedoms we all take for granted.  Everyone is an expert and almost everyone wants action taken and wants it now.  I see it differently.  I don't think you can prevent someone with a desire to do something like this from doing it.  If Kimveer Gill decided he was going to go on a shooting rampage, blood was going to be shed.  It's difficult to acknowledge this lack of control, but it's the sad reality.  Fortunately, such incidents are very few and far between.

His profile tells us he thought about death, was depressed and thought highly of evil.  In hindsight, is it so shocking he followed through on his threats?  The larger question here is what made Gill this way?  What in Gill's life history created such a persona?  Instead of arming school security guards with guns, let's reach out to clearly troubled youth before harmless threats in a website profile turns into something far more real.

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