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If There's A Goal That Everyone Remembers...


I wasn't alive in 1972 and I often forget that.  "The Goal" was scored on September 28, 1972 by Paul Henderson in the Summit Series between Canada and the USSR.  In "Fireworks", The Tragically Hip state "If there's a goal that everyone remembers, it was back in 'ol '72".  This is absolutely true, even for those born in 1974.

It's scary how your mind plays tricks on you.  I've seen that goal so many times and heard Foster Hewitt's call so often, I could swear I saw that goal live.  If I close my eyes I can see Henderson getting tripped up and falling behind Tretiak.  There's Esposito poking the puck on net, and Henderson's there for the rebound.  One shot.  Two shots.  He scores!  Henderson has scored for Canada!

I'm sure I saw that 6-5 win.  I remember Henderson's leap and celebrating wildly.  It's a goal we all remember, whether we'd been born or not.

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