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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following entry earlier today.

We are having a municipal election this fall and our current mayor is seeking re-election for his third term. Currently he has been charged with two counts of assault in June. Recently he pled not guilty to both charges and a two day trial is scheduled for late January. Due to a publication ban there is little information on this matter. Interestingly enough Longtime Clarington councillor Jim Schell has abandoned plans for retirement and thrown his hat in the ring to run for mayor. Schell was a member of John Muttons campaign team until just last week. Now John Mutton is accusing his opponent of running to facilitate his win by vote splitting. This is only the beginning and already I am sensing some negative campaign tactics. Election time in Bowmanville has never seen so much excitement and scandal.

Ya know, we don't get enough covereage of exciting Bowmanville news here in Toronto.  A Google News search for Bowmanville Ontario assures me the only newsworthy action in Bowmanville revolves around Mosport.  We want covereage of Schell vs. Muttons!

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