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The New Dream Team?


The world basketball championships take place next month in Japan.  USA Today decided to compare the American team with the Dream Team from 1992.  If we're to believe USA Today, USA basketball is in great shape, because the roster is just about as good as the team that was untouchable in Barcelona.

Dwyane Wade?  Sure he's as good as Michael Jordan.  LeBron James?  He's Magic Johnson, no doubt about it.  Gilbert Arenas?  Without hesitation, he's your Clyde Drexler.  Chris Paul?  He's John Stockton, didn't you know that?  Joe Johnson?  Why, he's as good as Larry Bird.  Heck, even our very own Chris Bosh is labelled the new David Robinson.  That's awesome!

I'm old enough to remember the 1992 Dream Team, but apparently USA Today isn't.  Except for Christian Laettner and maybe Chris Mullin, every member of that team is a Hall of Famer.  As amazing as Wade is, he's not Jordan.  As promising as James is, he's not yet Magic.  The other comparisons are just plain silly.

I love good comedic writing.

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