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Although this blog has been around for almost four years, I only started accepting comments in early February.  That's almost six months ago, but today a single entry received more legitimate comments than any other entry in the history of this site.

Throughout the day, well over a thousand fans of Humble Howard hit my "Humble Howard, Are You Okay?" entry from July 14.  Today was the day he was expected back from vacation but instead it was announced that Mad Dog and Billie were taking over Mix 99.9 in the mornings.  This prompted thousands to Google Humble Howard which led people in massive waves to that entry.  We're at 56 comments and counting, blowing away all previous records.

It truly makes you appreciate this brave new world we live in.  People from all over the GTA (and a few from Buffalo) awaken to realize a radio pal was off the air and one by one they hit Google in search of further details.  Without a doubt, a quick entry I wrote on July 14th because of a spike in hits from people wondering if Humble Howard Glassman had left 99.9 has become the de-facto Humble Howard tribute page where people are sharing their feelings about the man, offering him and his family support and expressing to Mix 99.9 management that they are not happy.  Humble himself has chimed in.

Blogging is social.  There's dynamic interaction.  A topic is introduced and a virtual discussion open to anyone with internet access is encouraged.  Voices are heard, in hours fans conglomerate and all principles involved can follow the discourse.  Aware of the relevance, more are able to find this discussion thanks to extremely high rankings in Google, such as this #1 ranking for a search on Humble Howard Glassman.  In a very real sense, geography ceases to inhibit interaction and instead fuels it.  Nothing is more social.

Humble Howard never got to say thanks and farewell to his audience, but now something more spectacular is possible.  His audience can say thanks and farewell to him.  And don't think for a moment he won't be reading every word of praise.

Now that's cool.

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