Why I like Wii

NintendoWhat we once called Revolution is now Wii. That's the name Nintendo is going with for its new console. From what I've read on the Interwebs this afternoon, people don't like the name Wii.

I instantly liked it. For one thing, it looks good in print. the two i's side by side creates a cool effect. Check it out on the official page and you'll see what I mean. I could stare at that double i all night. In addition to looking good, it's damn fun to say. Try it... you can't help but have a good time saying Wii. It's pronounced "we", but I prefer trailing off with the final syllable and giving it a solid "wheeeeeee!"

The geeks can hate Wii all they want, but I'm inspired by it. I'm seriously considering changing my name to Miike.

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