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The Monday Shuffle


Every Monday I shuffle my entire MP3 collection in iTunes and list the first ten songs that play.  Here are the ten tunes I heard today with a personal story about one of them.

  1. The Spark That Bled - The Flaming Lips
  2. Deja Vu - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  3. Gift Shop (Live) - The Tragically Hip
  4. Burn Hollywood Burn - Public Enemy
  5. Luv - Travis
  6. Lips - Whale
  7. James - Ring The Bells
  8. 1-900-Hustler - Jay-Z
  9. Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin
  10. Getchoo - Weezer

It's no secret I burned through both It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back and Fear Of A Black Planet hundreds and hundreds of times as a teenager.  Public Enemy wasn't just making a statement, but they were doing it with tremendous rhymes over hard core drum beats and the smartest samples this side of James Brown.  "Burn Hollywood Burn" was an awesome cut from Fear and it helped acquaint me with Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane.  Kane had the effortless, smooth as silk delivery and Ice Cube came hard with his gangsta angst.  I went out and picked up discs from both artists based solely on their contribution to this PE classic.

Check out the official lyrics.  Rap just doesn't sound like this anymore and that's a damn shame.

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